Mary & Jacob’s Engagement Session | Victoria Griest Photography | Norton, OH

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Mary and Jacob were an absolute dream to work with! Their humor, laughs and smiles truly brightened up what would otherwise have been a gloomy day.

Jacob and Mary met through his mother and her hairdresser. He contacted her via message and now they have been together for a little over two years. One of their favorite memories is the first time they went to Silver Creek Park. Jacob gave her a diamond necklace, packed a picnic and they just laughed and enjoyed each other’s company the whole time. Subsequently this is where he took her back to propose!

This made it so easy to pick a place for their engagement photos. Of course we chose to go back to Silver Creek, and I had no idea how gorgeous the area and landscape was. Truly loved the photos near the docks, the lighting was *chefs kiss*! Mary’s smile and laugh is truly contagious and as I look at these photos, I can’t help but giggle because I know how much fun they were having together.

We truly look forward to capturing their wedding at The Tree House in Lodi, OH and can’t wait to celebrate and have fun with them again!


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